SinfulSweets Partial Mold List


This list is provided to our customers, and potential customers while we finish the on-line store. If you are looking for a particular piece of chocolate, for that special occasion, you can look through the information below. If there is something youa re looking for, that is NOT in the list, please email us at and we will let you know if we have it availible to us.


Mold # Main Category Secondary Category Mold Name Mold Description
2 Children Halloween Skull (2) Skulls, Mummy, and Devil
3 Children Alien Alien Head Pop Alien Heads Pops
4 Children Harry Potter Lightning Bolt HP Lightning Bolt
5 Children Harry Potter Wizard Hat Pop HP Wizard Hat Pop
6 Children Bike Show Motorcycle Motorcycle Pop
7 X-Rated Penis Small Penis Small Penis Pop
8 X-Rated Penis Medium Penis Medium Penis Pop
9 Children Disney Disney Misc Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Minnie Mouse
10 Love Flower Rose Pop Rose Pops
11 Children Cartoon Scooby Doo Scooby Doo Pop
12 Children Cartoon Tweety Bird Tweety Bird Pop
13 Easter Pop Bunny Pop Med Bunny Pop
14 Children Critters Misc Critters Centipede, Turtle, and Fish
15 Medieval Fairy Fairies Frog, Dragonfly, Butterfly, Mushroom, Fairy
16 Children Trolls Troll pops Troll Pops
17 Children Harry Potter HP Pops Owl, Glasses, Rat, and Hat
18 Children Harry Potter Castle Pop Castle Pops
19 Holiday Chanukah Misc Chanukah Pops (1) Menorah, (2) Star of David, (2) Dreidle (1) Happy Chanukah
20 Love Bar Love Bar Large bar with LOVE and Flowers
21 Gag Female The Pill Birth Control Bill Box
22 Love Bite Size Bars & Hearts (5) Heart Bars, (8) Love Hearts
23 Career Police Sherrif Badge Round Sherrifs Badge
24 Gag Pop Chuck the Bird Hand on a stick giving the middle finger
25 Holiday Haloween Boo Pop Ghost and word BOO on a stick
26 Clubs Lions Club Lions Club Discs Disc with Lions Club logo
27 Patriotic American Flags&Eagles (2) American Flags, and (3) Bald Eagles
28 Holiday Haloween Jack Pops Jackolantern Pops
29 Children ET ET Pops ET's Head on a stick
30 Career Lawyer Lawyer Bar Chocolate Bar with Lawer and Scales of Justice
31 Political Democrat Elephant Vote Bar Chocolate Bar with the word VOTE and and elephant
32 Holiday New Years New Year Horn Horn with Happy New Year
33 Love Pop Love Pop Word Love on a Heart on a stick
34 Love Pop Heart Pop Two joined hears on a larger heart pop
35 Patriotic Bicentenial Bicentenial Bite Size (14) Stars, (7) Bells, (7) Flags, (7)'76', (7) Liberty Bells
36 Love Bite Size Love Birds Heart with Love Birds
37 Holiday Christmas LARGE Santa Very Large Santa Mold. Stand UP
38 Love Bite Size Love Hearts Bite Size hearts with love on them
39 Love Bite Size Arrow Heart Heart with a piercing Arrow
40 Holiday Easter Chocolate Baskets Chocolate Baskets
41 Children Polemon PikaChu Pikachu Pops
42 Children Disney Mickey Mouse Pops Mickey Mouse head on a stick
43 Children Disney Winnie The Pooh Tigger, Pigley, Eeyore and Winnie Pops
44 Children Sesame Street Big Bird pops Large Big Bird on a Stick
45 Animal Cat Cat Pop Cats head on a stick
46 Holiday Easter Thumper Bunny Pop
47 Holiday Easter Bow Tie Bunny Bunny with a bow tie on a stick
48 Children Sesame Street Cookie Monster Pop Cookie Monster on a stick
49 Children Blues Clues Blues Clues Pop Blue Puppy (Also Magenta) on a stick
50 Children TeleTubbies Tubby Pops Tele Tubbies on sticks (Poe, Dispy, Tinky Winky, & Lala)
51 Children Pac Man PacPops Pac man and Ghost on sticks
52 Holiday Easter Thumper2 Bunny on a stick
53 Children Disney LARGE Mickey Mouse Very Large Mickey Mouse Pops
54 Children GhostBusters Ghost Buster Pops Large Ghost with universal NO symbol on a stick
55 Children Dinosaurs Dino Pops Misc Dino Pops on sticks
56 Holiday Easter Easter Egg Pops Egg on a stick with Happy Easter
57 Love Flowers Long Stem Rose Small Rose on a Very Long Stick
58 Children Winter Snow Man VERY Large Snowman. Stand Up with Hat
59 X-Rated Male Peter Rabbit Very Large HORNY Peter rabbit with an erection
60 Holiday Easter Breakin' Chick Large Chick breaking out of egg
61 Animal Ocean Sea Shell Discs Small bite size discs with sea shells
62 Holiday Easter Traditional Solid Bunny Traditional Solid Bunny
63 Holiday Easter Flop Ear Bunny Flop Ear Bunny
64 Baby Girl It's a Girl bar Chocolate bar with "It's A Girl" On it
65 Baby Bite Size Baby Bite Size Baby, wrapped in a blanket
66 Cigars Plain Round Columbian with a band Round Columbian Cigar with Band
67 Cigars Plain Long Flat Cut Cigars Long Flat Cut Cigars
68 Cigars Plain Long Flat Cut Cigars (2) Long Flat Cut Cigars (2)
69 Misc Body Parts Right Foot Print Large Right Foot print with attached toes
70 Baby Pop Baby in cradle Pop of Baby in cradle
71 Baby Bars ABC Block Large chocolate bar with ABC in blocks
72 Children Girl Ballet Slippers Large Ballet Slippers
73 Baby Pop Baby Booties, and Bottle Pops (3) Baby Boots, (3) Baby Bottles
74 Baby Bite Size Baby Slippers Bite Size Baby Slippers
75 Baby Bars Baby in Cradle Scene Large Chocolate Bar depicting a baby lying in a cradle
76 Baby Pop Baby in Umbrella Med Pop of Baby in an umbrella
77 Baby Box Baby Cradle Box 2 piece boc of Baby in cradle. Can be filled.
78 Misc Bite Size Umbrella Top Stand alone umbrella top
79 Tools Handful Tool Belt Pliers, Cresent Wrench, Hammer, Plainer, Screwdriver, & Puller
80 X-Rated Bite Size Tennie Penies Small Penis with Scrotum.
81 Baby Pop Pacifier Pop Med Pop shaped like pacifier
82 Religious Catholic Praying Hands Large Praying hands, (2) Small Praying Hands, Small Cross, Open Bible
83 Religious Catholic First Communion Little girl receiving first communion pop
84 Religious Jewish Star of David Box Large Star of David Box, with lid
85 Religious Jewish Large Chai Very Large Chai (Living)
86 Religious Jewish Shalom Bar Large Chocolate bar imprinted with Shalom and a dove
87 Religious Jewish Happy Chanukah Bar Very Large Happy Chanukah Bar
88 Religious Jewish Happy Chanuka Decorated Bar Large Happy Chanukah Bar with Star of David, and a Menorah
89 Misc Stand Up Trophy Med Solid Trophy
90 Religious Jewish Menorah Pop Very Large Menorah on a stick
91 Religious Jewish Dreidle Pop Small Dreidle on a pop
92 Religious Jewish Multiple Jewish Symbols Star of David, Menorah, Dreidle, Chai Disc, Shalome Diamond, Horn with Star of David, Halakhah, Torah
93 Religious Jewish Bite Size Star of David Small Bite Size Star of David
94 Religious Jewish Bite Size Star of David Small Bite Size star of David
95 Religious Jewish Bite Size Chai Discs Small Bite Size Discs with Chai Symbol
96 Religious Jewish Large Star of David Pop Large Star of David on a stick
97 Religious Catholic 3-D Church Mold Large Mold (2 Piece) of a church, with Front, Back, Sides, Roof and Steeple..
98 Religious Jewish Large Torah Bar Large Torah Flanked by Lions, with a Crown on top
99 X-Rated Pop Playing Footsy 4 Feet, Two up, Two Down. On a Stick
100 Cartoon Cathy Cathy Bust Multiple Busts of Cathy (2)Diet Later, (2)with Present, (2) Cathy with Teddy, Cathy on phone, Cathy Eating
101 X-Rated Male Penis Pacifier Med Pop with a Penis on a pacifier
102 Children Teddy Bear Baseball Teddy Pop Teddy Bear wearing a baseball cap on a stick
103 Baby Shower Baby Shower Mold Med Pops, (2) Baby Carriages, (2) Baby Umbrella
104 Children Teddy Bear Baloon Wielding Teddy Pop Med Pops with a teddy bear holding a balloon
105 Children Smurf Smurf Family Entire Smurf Main Characters
106 Holiday Easter Small Bunny Pop Small Bunny with flopped ear on a stick
107 Children Birthday Sweet 16 Words "Sweet 16" on a stick
108 Children Polemon Multiple Pokemon Characters Multiple Pokemon Characters
109 Children Blues Clues Small Blues Clues Pops Mailbox, Slippery, shovel and pail, salt and pepper, tickety tock, blue and magents all on a stick
110 Misc Telephone 3d Telephone 2 piece telephone with rotary base, and handset
111 Holiday Mothers Day Mothers Day Bar Large Chocolate bar with "Happy Mothers Day"
112 Holiday Birthday Happy Birthday Pop Words "Happy Birthday" on a stick
113 Love Mom Mom Pop Large Heart shaped pop with MOM
114 Love Mom Large Heart with Mother Large heart with MOTHER, (2) smaller hearts with flowers. (Good Box Set)
115 Animal Zoo Bite Size Zoo Animals Hippo, Giraffe, (2) Bears, Elephant, Monkey, (2) Lions, Kangaroo, Rhino
116 Children Misc Smiley Faces Small discs with Smiley Faces
117 Misc House 3D House 3 Dimensional house with shrubs, and chimney
118 Animal Wild Aligator Pop Med Aligator on a stick
119 Holiday St. Patricks Day Erin Go Brach Pops Med Pops, Clover with Erin Go Brach
120 Holiday St. Patricks Day Misc Pattys Day (3) Pipes, (2) Hats, (4) Small Clovers, (3) Large Clovers
121 Holiday St. Patricks Day Misc Pattys Day (2) Lepprachaun, Pipe, Rainbow "I'm Irish, and I'm Good", Hat, Clover "Erin Go Brach, Lepprachaun on a Clover
122 Holiday Birthday Round Birthday Pop Med Pop with Happy Birthday
123 Children Barney Barney Pop Med Pop of Barney the purple dino
124 Holiday Birthday 60 Disc! Round block with numbers 60 on them. Used for Birthday Favors
125 Sports Football Football Pop Med pop of a foot ball on a stick
126 X-Rated Male Muscle Man Large Male figure with an erection
127 Holiday Easter Asst. Bite Size (4) Standing Bunnies with baskets, (4) Hopping Bunnies, (4) Lying Lambs, (4) Eggs
128 Holiday Easter Asst. Bite Size Bunnies (4) Pushing a basket, (4) Sitting in a basket with eggs, (4) Sitting
129 Holiday Easter Asst. Bite Size Easter (4) Eggs, (4) Chickens, (4)Ducks, (4) Long Eared Bunnies
130 Holiday Easter Large Old Fashioned Solid Bunny Large Bunny - Old Fashioned Traditional styling. Solid Bunny
131 Holiday Easter Carrot Pop Med Pop shapped like a carrot.
132 Baby Pop Bottle Pop Med Pop shaped like a bottle
133 Holiday Wedding Anniversary 50 Year Pop VERY Large pop with a flowes, bow and bell surrounding the number 50
134 Holiday Easter Asst. Bite Size 2 (2) Chicks with eggs, (3) Asst. Chicks Plain, (2) assorted sitting bunnies, (4) Asst. easter eggs
135 Holiday Easter Asst. Animal Pops (2) Chicks, (4) Sitting Bunnies, all on sticks
136 Sports Bowling Stand Up Ball and Pin Stand up bowling ball and pin
137 X-Rated Male Horny Santa Large santa with large erection and scrotum
138 X-Rated Male Horny Santa (Poor) Large Santa with erection, no scrotum - Poor Mold
139 X-Rated Couple Huggin/ Couple Man and woman embraced.
140 Children Muppets Muppet Pops Kermit, Fozie, Ms. Piggy on a stick
141 Sports Football Football Dude Large Block shaped like a football player
142 X-Rated Female Muscle Gal Large female shaped block with big chest in a provacative pose.
143 X-Rated Female Busty Barb Large female shaped block (Torso)
144 Sports Snow Skiing Boot -n- Skiis Ski boot, and skiis. Blocks
145 X-Rated Prayer Mold Prayin' Couple 2 large blocks, one shaped like a woman praying, the other shaped like a man praying with an erection.
146 X-Rated Female Female Torso Pop Large pop shaped like a female tosro.
147 Misc Body Parts Dentures Top and bottom dentures.
148 X-Rated Male Horny Ghost Med Pop shaped like a typical sheeted ghost with a forward erection
149 X-Rated Male Horny Ghost 2 Large pop shaped like a spooky ghost with a side facing erection and scrotum.
150 X-Rated Couple Getting' Behind Small bite size mold shaped like a rear view of missionary position. Full details
151 Holiday Haloween Googly Ghost Med Pop of a googly ghost wearing a hat
152 Holiday Haloween Pumpkin Pops Med pop of a smilin' Jack-O-Lanters with stem
153 Season Winter Snow Flakes Large pop with a snowflake. (4) Assorted Designs
154 Holiday Valentines Day Cherub Bites (2) Cherubs playing the violin, (1) Playing Harp, (1) Playing flute.
155 X-Rated Female Horny Female Toad Large block shaped like a toad with correct female parts.
156 X-Rated Male Horny Male Toad Large block shaped like a toad with an erection and scrotum
157 X-Rated Couple Makin' Bacon Med block shaped like two pigs having sex
158 X-Rated Male Stand Up Pecker (1) Large block shaped like an erect penis with scrotum
159 X-Rated Male 3-D Stand up pecker Large block shaped like an erect penis with scrotum. Can be 3 Dimensional
160 Children Smurf Smurf Head Pop VERY Large pop shaped like a smurf head.
161 X-Rated Misc Two Sided Pecker 3 Dimensional pecker on one side, and female shape on the other.
163 Gag Male Condom Packs Block shaped like a twin pack of condoms.
164 X-Rated Misc Two sided bride 3 Dimennsional pecker on one side, bride shape on the other.
165 Holiday Christmas Santa Box Large 2 piece chocolate box shaped like Santa's Head
166 X-Rated Couple Cluckin' Chickens 2 Large blocks, one shaped like a female in a receiving position, the other a male with a large erection and scrotum
167 Gag Fecies Doggy Doo Large pile of Dog Poop
168 Holiday Christmas Wreath Very large block shaped like a holly wreath.
169 Holiday Christmas 3D Santa Large 3 Dimensional Santa Stand Up
170 Holiday St. Patricks Day Irish Bear Med. bite Size Irish Bear Block
171 Holiday Valentines Day Curley Cupid Small Cupid blocks with curly hair and bow.
172 Misc Bite Size Sea Shells Bit size assorted sea shells.
173 Sports Baseball / Bowling Baseball / Bowling Large block baseball player with bat and hat, and a 10 Pin bowling set with Ball
174 Season Winter Snowman Box Med box shaped like a snowman, accompanied by filler bikes of Mittens, Hat, Boots, Scarf.
175 X-Rated Female Large Hoosie Block shaped like a large female vagina, complete with lips and clitoris
176 X-Rated Female Enormouse Knockers Large female breasts, attached
177 X-Rated Male Peeled Pecker Large pop shaped like a penis inside of a bananna peel
179 Children Pop Dino Pops Med Dino Pops Misc
180 Children Sesame Street Elmo Med Elmo Pop
181 Transportation Auto Antique Auto Large block mold shaped like antique cars
182 Career Police Police Equipment Med block mold with Baton, Badge, Handcuffs, and radio
183 Misc Shoes Cowboy Boots Med pop shaped like a cowboy boot
185 Love Flower Long Stem Rose (2) Sm Long stem rose.
186 Misc Pop Large Smiley Large Smiley faced pop
188 Baby Pop Block Teddy Pop Teddy sitting on a baloon with ABC Blocks
189 Holiday Easter Large Traditional Solid Bunny VERY Large Traditional bunny. 3D (Two Piece Mold
190 Holiday Easter Med Bunny Pop Med bunny on a stick
191 X-Rated Animal Strokin' Bunny Large rabbit pop with bunny holding his erect penis.
192 X-Rated Animal Peter Rabbit VERY Large chocolate bunny with potruding side facing erection
193 X-Rated Female Dolly Parton Med female with VERY large breasts
194 X-Rated Couple Blowing in the wind Med block of a couple. She's on her kness, he is standing up.
195 Pretzel Halloween Haloween Totems Med Pretzel Pop with a pumpkin a cat on top wearing a witches hat.
196 Children Barney Big Barney Pop Med pop shaped like Barney the Dino
197 X-Rated Male Get Bent VERY Large chocolate block in the shaped of a bent erect penis with a scrotum
198 Holiday Thanksgiving Turkey Pop Large pop shaped like a male turkey in full fan.
199 Children Winnie The Pooh Winnie The Pooh Family Two Big Poohs, Two Pooh heads, A Tigger, Piglet, eeyore, and a honey pot on a stic
200 Gag Misc BIG DOG BONE Very Large Dog bone.
201 Holiday Easter Solid Lying Bunny Large bunny lying on his belly.
202 Holiday Easter Solid Lying Bunny (2) (4)Small, (4) Med
203 Holiday St. Patricks Day Clover Pop Small clover on a stick
204 Children Pop Turtle Pop. Turtle hiking with hat.
205 Holiday Easter Flat Duck Small duck after falling on his face.
206 Holiday Easter Thumper Bunny Med Pop of bunny on a stick.
207 Holiday Easter Top Hat Bunny Med bunny pop of a rabbit wearing a hat.
208 Holiday Christmas Christmas Light Christmas light bulbs on a stick
209 Holiday Easter Sm Lamb Block Tiny Lamb block.
210 Holiday Easter Sm Bunny Block Tiny traditional front facing cute bunny
211 Holiday St. Patricks Day Kiss My Shamrock Blocks Blocks shaped like a Shamrock with "Kiss My Shamrock" Printed on them
212 Holiday Valentines Bite Size Heart Block Bite Size Blocks shaped like hearts, with a swirl design
213 Holiday Easter Quacker Trio Mr, Mrs, and Baby Duck going to the easter parade…
214 Holiday Easter Bunny Disc SM Bite Size Disc with a bunny printed.
215 Holiday Easter Misc Easter Bites Assorted Easter Blocks with Bunnies, Ducks, Tedds, and Eggs
216 Cordials Bite Size Regular Cordials Regular Round Cordial Molds
217 Children Girl Ballet Slippers 2 Large Ballet Slippers
218 Misc Block Sinful Kiss VERY Large Chocolate Kiss
219 Misc Words #-One VERY Large Block shaped like the words "#-ONE"
220 X-Rated Female Curvy Chick SM 3d Woman with all the right curves
221 Holiday St. Patricks Days Mouse - n - Clover Sm bite Size clover with a cute mouse looking around.
222 Transportation Auto Tiny Antique Auto Bites Tiny Antique Auto bites.
223 Holiday Valentines Day Bite Size Hearts Med Bite Size plain Hearts
224 Cordials Bite Size Asst. Cordial Shapes Assorted shapes.
225 Holiday Valentines Heart Blocks Asst. blocks with different hearts decorating them.
226 Holiday Valentines Bear Heart Pops Lg pop of a bear holding a heart
227 Holiday St. Patricks Day Shamrock Bites Med and Small shamrock shapes blocks
228 Children Pop Sm Smileys Very Small smiley faces.
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